The Ocean Swims

Vital competitor pre-race information is available by clicking on this link

The Tathra Wharf to Waves Ocean events are a number of ocean swims held each year. The swims include the 1200m ‘Splash for Cash’ open race (12+ yrs) and a series of 600m age races from the Historic Tathra Wharf where a specially designed platform is attached for the swim from which the competitors enter the water. Competitors swim around a course and finish on the beach in front of the Tathra Surf Life Saving Club. Every swimmer has the chance to win great prizes in their division. 

The best vantage point to view the swims is the viewing platform in the Memorial Gardens on the headland above the Tathra Wharf. Another great view is the walking track that takes you from the south end of the beach up a series of steps to the top of Tathra. Ask a local, and they will set you off on your way. Otherwise, stay on the beach and cheer the competitors on as they come in from the swim and run up to the finishing line!

ENTRY: On-line entries are now open.  Entries close 4 pm Sunday 19th February 2023, late entries will incur a late entry fee. No entries will be accepted after 5pm, Friday 3rd March.

REGISTRATION: Register at the Tathra Surf Club early on the Sunday morning of the swims. All swimmers must register from 6.30am – but no later than 7.40am – to receive your competitor number, swim cap and information bag.

All swimmers must attend a pre-race briefing given by the Race Director at 8.30am on Sunday on the sand in front of the Tathra Surf Club.

MARSHAL: You will need to be on the wharf at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled swim start time. A Shuttle Bus will be available between the Surf Club and the Tathra Wharf.

SWIM TIMES: Approximate swim times can be gauged by looking through the results

PRESENTATION: Once all results have been finalised, the presentation will be held on the beach in front of the deck of the Surf Club. All swimmers will be eligible to win prizes in a number of random draws that will take place. You must complete the swim and be at the presentation to receive your prize.

The Swim Courses