Tathra Wharf 2 Waves

Wharf 2 Waves 2019

Thank you to our major sponsors  

The 2020 Tathra W2W will take place on the 18 & 19 January. 

The Harris Plumbing 1200m Splash for Cash winners are Victoria Bushell with a time of 15:37.00 and Nicolas Allnut 15:30.9 . We had a record number of 1200m entries this year at 183 and 287 in the 600m age swims. The fastest female 600m swimmer was Georgia Caldwell 7:04.6 and fastest male was Matthew Innes 7:02.4.  For all the deatils go our swim results page. The Tathra Beachside Fun Run was attended by 105 competitors, fun run results. We also had a record 133 in the Tathra Beach and Bike 23k  Mountain Bike Ride  – the bike was won by Sebastian Weber.

We would like to congratulate the 2019 Tathra Splash for Cash 1200m Swim Sponsor. Brendan Harris has been supporting the Business Draw for many years. We take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors and business supporters in our community who support this event.

All funds raised will be put back into Tathra’s local community including the Tathra Surf club, Tathra Pre School, Tathra Prmary School and Tathra Rural Fires Service.

Amusements R Us

once again set up a carnival atmosphere to provide entertainment for the whole family. They are a great sponsor of this community event. 

A big thank you to all those who participated in the Clean Energy for Eternity Human Sign – over 1,000 people on the Tathra Beach! How fantastic to see so many people join our community to send a message out saying we want action now.

Clean Energy for Eternity: Human Sign: Renewable Energy Now


If your business is interested in sponsoring this great event and gettine exposure for your business, we have a range of sponsorship options avaiable. Please contact us or visit our sponsors page. Our sponsors, supporters and volunteers are vitally important to the running of this event.




1200M winners females in 1st place Victoria Bushell 15:37:0; 2nd place Georgia Caldwell 16:14.9; 3rd Place Hayley Baker 16.59.4

​1200M winners males in 1st place Nicholas Allnut 15.30.9; 2nd place Matthew Innes 16:38.9; 3rd place Jack Caldwell 17.10.5

Thanks Matthew Nott for continuing to capture the essence of the day!  2016 Swim, 2016 Fun Run,  2017 Swim, 2018 Swim, 2019 Swim

And here is how David Rogers saw the day …



For other events held in Tathra throughout the year visit Tathra Tourism.