Thank you to our 2018 Volunteers

Tathra Wharf to Waves is run solely by volunteers - it takes over one hundred volunteers to make this event happen - people who contribute their time and skills.

Our vounteers do everything from setting up the courses for all events, cooking the barbeques, cleaning up after the event, not to mention the Tathra Surf Lifesaving Club members providing crucial water safety. There are the guys who erect the specially designed platform on the historic Tathra Wharf (and take it down again at the end of the day), and the people who help at the finish line. There are the people at check points on the bike ride advising you of the track conditions, people on stand-by with First Aid and water stops. There are age wranglers looking after swimmers and wharf marshalls. Listed below are the wonderful people who make this weekend happen.


Thank you, you make a real difference ... take a bow ...

Barker, Deb
Bishwakarma, Prodeep
Blankenstein, Penny
Blewett, Claire
Bobbin, Megan
Britton, Emma
Brown, Dave
Brown, Monica
Bye, Michelle
Campbell, Meghan
Carroll, Anne-Maree
Carroll, Dean
Cox, Ray
Dummer, Kylie
Ellard, Row
Finucane, Rachel
Firle, Marty
Ford, Millie
Freedman, Allara
Freedman, Lisa
Fuge, Kristy
George, Sharon
Gray, Carla
Green, Penny
Hannah, Justine
Hawthorne, Kym
Heman, Jo
Hill, Sue
Hokin, Alarna
James, Sharon
Leife, Adam
Lever, Jo
Little, Sarah
Louie, Gary
McCartney, Patty
McCartney, Ron
Morandini, Julie
Mortimer, Catherine
Mortimer, Robert
Mortimer, Robert
Mundy, Ange
Murray, Kelly
Murray, Pete
Navarrete, Gilda
Nott, Lewis
O'Hallow, Cathleen
Phelan, Stacey
Revington, Kym
Robins, Amricleah
Robins, Jeanette
Ryan, Bernie
Ryan, Lee
Schmid-Oke, Val
Scott, David
Shep, Corrie
Styles, Julia
Terrey, Eliza
Terrey, Rose
Thomson, Sophie
Umback, Kellie
Virtanen, Stig
Waterson, Deena
Wheatley, Dennis
Wheatley, Therese
Willburger, Helen
Wilson, Glenis


Fun Run Coordinator

Penny Blankenstein


Bike Ride Coordinator

Richard Gallimore


2018 Event Committee

Jane Courtney

Jane Funston

Emma Cattermole

Kylie Nott

Tony McCabe

Gillian MacMillan

Jen O'Leary







Tathra Wharf 2 Waves is supported by these generous sponsors