Tathra Wharf 2 Waves





The Tathra W2Ws Weekend will be held on the 19 and 20 January 2019


Come and join us for what is destined to be a great day of surf, sand and track!





Come and be part of more than 400 people who jump into the crystal blue water of Tathra from the historic Tathra Wharf and swim the 600m or 1200m course in the Tathra Wharf to Waves Ocean Swim. The swim claims centre stage of a weekend of fun and fitness in Tathra, which includes a Beach Fun Run and a 30k Bega to the Beach  Mountain Bike Ride on the Saturday, followed by a day of swim events on the Sunday. So there is something for everyone over the weekend. And you can win great prizes


On-line entries for the Swims and Bike Ride will open in November - watch this space! Fun Run entries will be taken on the Saturday of the run at the Tathra Surf Club. Amusements R Us will once again set up a carnival atmosphere to provide entertainment for the whole family. They are a great sponsor of this community event. 



Everyone has the opportunity to win the naming rights for the 2019 1200m Splash for Cash Ocean Swim. If you are the lucky ticket drawn, you could name the event for your business, favourite charity or sports team, or if your ego is big enough, your own name! For a donation of $100 (fully tax deductible), you or your business could receive over $10,000 worth of promotions - TV, radio and print advertising, promotions, sponsor opportunities, media - all while supporting a fundraising event which benefits the Tathra community. You can buy a ticket (or more) here.




If your business is interested in sponsoring this great event and getting exposure for your business, we also have a range of levels of sponsorships available. Please contact us or visit our Sponsor's page.


Our sponsors, supporters, and volunteers are vitally important to the running of this event. All funds raised go to support Tathra’s local community services including Tathra Surf Life Saving Club, the Tathra Pre-School and the Tathra Rural Fire Service.






If you are a regular swimmer in the Tathra Wharf to Waves, go to our Image Gallery and see if we have captured you in action.


Thanks Matthew Nott for continuing to capture the essence of the day!  2016 Swim, 2016 Fun Run,  2017 Swim, 2018 Swim



​1200M winners females in 1st place Hannah Hobson 17:50.2; 2nd place Zoe Philipzen 17:58.2; 3rd place Kerrie Cook 18:12.2

​1200M winners males in 1st place James Macri 15:31.5; 2nd place John Fox 15:38.8; 3rd place Skinny Gavel 15:45.6

​10-13 winners female in 1st place Victoria Bushell 8:34.5; 2nd place Katie Tyo 9:44.8; 3rd place Grace Mounthaan 10:19.7

10-13 winners male in 1st place Jack Caldwell 8:46.2; 2nd place Matteo Rossi Hunt 9:50.4; 3rd place Zac Edward Simes 10:03.2

14-17  winners female in 1st place Ellie Parker 9:22.7; 2nd place Keira Hoyland 9:38.1; 3rd place Tayla Smith 9:40.4

​14-17 winners boys in 1st place Zak Kelly 9:06.9; 2nd place Ewan Piotrowski 9:15.5; 3rd place Alexander Norris 9:19.3

​18-29 winners female 1st place Erin Thompson 9:57.3; 2nd place Maggie Welfare 10:01.6; 3rd place Sarah Funston 10:06.6

18-29 winners male 1st place Mathew Innes 8:11.9; 2nd place Daniel Macri 8:23.0; 3rd place Airidas Untulis 10:30.2

30-39 winners female 1st place Zoe Philipzen 8:56.5; 2nd place Tegan Miles 10:57.0; 3rd place Valerie Schmidt-Oke 12.10.9

30-39 winners male 1st place Josh Enright 9:59.5; 2nd place Gavin Mahoney 10:01.7; 3rd place Sam Smith 10:42.5

40-49 winners female 1st place Caroline Makin 9:18.8; 2nd place Josephine Varney 9:31.2; 3rd place Pauline Cook 10:58.7

40-49 winners male 1st place Corey Dimmer 8:57.8; 2nd place Greg Smart 9:13.7; 3rd place Stuart Godley 9:17.1

50-59 winners female 1st place Jane McCallum 8:57.7; 2nd place Sharon George 10:07.3; 3rd place Kotti Sallai 10:57.2

50-59 winners male 1st place John Fox 7:55.5; 2nd place Steve Whan 8:46.3; 3rd place Mike Hallahan 9:36.1

60-69 winners female 1st place Jill Pettifer 11:00.5; 2nd place Adrienne Andrews 11:25.7; 3rd place Jane Conley 12:42.8

60-69 winners male 1st place Paul Hawking 10:02.8; 2nd place Alex Gosman10:09.8; 3rd place Phil Harris 10:12.6

70+ winners female 1st place Annie Herbert 15:06.1; 2nd place Mary Davis 17:53.0


70+ winners male 1st place Terry Dixon 11:45.0; 2nd place Ian Hampton 13:05.6; 3rd place Graeme Spicer 14:34.1



2018 PHOTOS CAN BE ORDERED FROM FIVEFOUR PHOTOGRAPHY contact Kit Goldsworthy www.fivefour.net au




For other events held in Tathra throughout the year visit Tathra Tourism.






Tathra Wharf 2 Waves is supported by these generous sponsors